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Do you smell what the Yankees are cooking?

Something is different in the Bronx. Do you feel it? Can you see it?

Lower expectations as the season began. The Arod circus is finally gone. The big ticket long term free agent signings are a thing of the past.

The farm is stacked. The kids are taking over. The veterans are teaching the youth. The team is likable. The Yankees have fight. The Yankees have their swagger back.

The Yankees are never out of the game. Yankee Magic is creeping back with regularity. The players believe in themselves and their teammates. The fans believe again. The skeptics are starting to believe. The haters are hating again. Things are feeling like the old days.

This is an exciting time and it’s just the start. The future is not just bright, it is beaming.

Welcome to the beginning of another great chapter in Yankees’ history.

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