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Yankees Quick Hits by Bryan Revello

The Yankees have been in a bad way these past two weeks. In a season littered with surprises and outstanding performances, it is only natural for any team to hit a slump at some point. Team slumps often start as some combination of long road trips, close losses and player injuries. The Yanks have seen all three of these in the past two weeks and fans are beginning to feel frustrated. Some of the more recent losses have been blown-leads which I believe to be even more painful than blowout losses. Still, there is just so much to be positive about despite the Yankees Universe renewed intolerance for poor team performance.

My initial thought is that fans can choose to be grateful for the surprising start and inspirational play by key team figures as their first option when feeling blue. I think it is safe to say that neither fans nor analysts though the Yankees would have held first place for the majority of the first half of the season. As of the writing of this article, the Yanks are actually still tied with Boston for First Place in the AL East.

New York fans often have high expectations but even with those intact, any reasonable person would know that the Yankees are still in their infancy regarding World Series contention. I am not saying that the Yanks cannot still perform at a high level and possibly even win the AL East, but it is a much more plausible root to know that the Wild Card remains a stronger possibility.

Hopefully for the Yanks, they can play over .500 ball leading up to the All-Star break but that very same break is right around the corner and will be a good chance for the majority of the team to get some rest and relaxation and refocus for the stretch run of the season.

About the Author

Bryan Revello is the Editor in Chief for New York Sportscene. A New York Yankees analyst and enthusiast, he can be heard talking about the New York Yankees on the Spadora on Sports radio program. Questions or comments can be sent to

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