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Yankees Quick Hits by Bryan Revello

How long is it going to take the Yankees to replace Chase Headley at third base with Gleyber Torres? Headley is a veteran so it's really unknown however Torres has been promoted to AAA and realistically isn't that far from the majors despite being only 20 years old. Even though Aaron Judge was not successful last year, it can't be denied that the time he spent up in the majors must've helped prepare him for what he's done this year and I would think that the Yankees would want to get Torres some Major League at bats rather than have him simply be a September call up or even a player that makes the team in spring training next year. Is it going to be a fluid situation but my intuition tells me that we may see Torres in the majors before the All-Star break.

How crazy is CC Sabathia? He looks like a cooked goose and then he pitches like a savvy veteran but at the end of the day the overall stats look good enough for the expectations we have from an aging former ace. The bottom line is that this type of pitcher, can be quite volatile in any must win situation being as you never know if you're going to get Jekyll or Hyde. Despite some of my rumblings from earlier in the season, he does belong in the rotation right now from a statistical standpoint but I still would rather see another young pitcher like Chance Adams getting a chance to build for the future. Considering Sabathia's salary that probably isn't going to happen unless he's really bad moving forward.

Let's have a talk about Tanaka. Something isn't right...we all know. I have personally speculated that his partially torn UCL is on his way to fully tearing/torn but the truth could be that he's over or under compensating because of said injury or any other potential injury that is yet to be identified. Bottom line is that Tanaka is a very good pitcher and what we're seeing right now despite some shades of brilliance is not the Tanaka that we know (and sometimes love.) I originally thought that Chance Adams would have an opportunity because of the poor performance of Sabathia but now it looks like he'll be waiting for when they officially decide to shut down Tanaka. It seems like one of those situations where the guy needs a break either way and a 10 day DL stint would probably be good for a multitude of reasons.

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